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drum-roll please....

Here it is! The first Chapter in The Path of Sorrows, The Dragon Throne. Grab a Snickers, we've a long road ahead of us.

Title: The Path of Sorrows, The Dragon Throne
Author: Nightheart
Characters: Yuka Sugimoto, Kaname Takasoto/Taiki, Gyousou Saku, et al.
Genre: Adventure, fantasy.
Spoilers: Animeverse, through the wretched cliffhanger ending of the series in which they never told us what happened next to Taiki.
Summary: Yuka Sugimoto thought her adventures in the other world were over once Keiki had brought her home. The discovery of Taiki and his situation and the subsequent friendship that developed makes it clear that neither of their stories is over yet. After all, Yuka has never been a passive sort. Together they might just find what they're looking for... they might just find redemption.

Authors Note: Huge shout-out to K. R. for the beta!
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