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New Twelve Kingdoms short story collection coming July

So, once again, I can't read this, but apparently, there's a big announcement for the Twelve Kingdoms series come July 1, this year.


It looks like it's going to be a new book of short stories, according to this post (scroll to the bottom, it's the last entry) on the Anime News Network.

From what I can glean, it's going to include "Hisho no Tori" and "Rakusho no Goku", along with two other (new?) stories. I wonder if the "Hyohaku" short story will be one of them?
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Ongoing Tonan no Tsubasa translation

I'm hoping this will be something of great interest, for those who aren't already aware.

Eugene Woodbury is translating Tonan no Tsubasa under the title "The Wings of Dreams". The owner of the Ranka - Twelve Kingdoms fansite had also been translating the book infrequently over here.

Eugene Woodbury's translation is available HERE. He updates with about one chapter every Thursday (this week, he's just gotten one chapter past the point where the owner of Ranka stopped updating).

Happy reading everyone!
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Selling 12 kingdoms Skies of Dawn


I'm selling my English copy of 12 kingdoms Skies of Dawn. More .
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I also have Shadow of the Moon, The Sea of Shadow (but currently not at hand) and copies of 2 Japanese prints as well (several volumes) if interested let me know and I'll give you a detailed list.

Moar fic!

I know I'm already in the middle of posting chapters for The Path of Sorrows the Dragon Throne (which by the way is almost to the end of the first book and about that start on the second book) but I thought I'd announce on this forum the fact that I'm posting a new fic that has nothing to do with TPoSTDT. It's called The Convenient Queen, and I did a lot more research before I started writing it in an effort to keep it to as close a canon feel as possible. It focuses on the politics and the feel of living in the world of the Twelve Kingdoms, and what it might be like to try to hold Tai together with a king off the throne. I tried to keep it as close as possible to the tone of the novels and short stories while still keeping it an interesting read. The summary is as follows

The kingdom of Tai teeters on a knife-edge, balanced between civil war and a very fragile peace. General Asen was defeated but his legacy remains; the Province Lords of the North resist the fragile Royal Authority of a moonlight court led by the Taiho and the Royal Consort, who prop up the throne in the absence of Tai's rightful ruler Gyousou Saku (who is held in spelled slumber) for the last fifty years. It is at the eleventh hour that King Gyousou awakens and the armies of the northern shuukou, led by Asen, prepare to launch an attack on the Palace. The restoration of Royal Authority by the King, the Taiho, and the Royal Consort may be Tai's last, best hope for peace.
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Fandom helps!

fandomaid has put together an effort to fundraise for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Why am I posting this here? Because I'm offering to write Twelve Kingdoms fic.   I'll write fic featuring any characters featured in media that are available translated into English.

I've put up an auction offer for a fic up to 10,000 words. Highest bidder gets to tell me what to write!
If you're less patient, I've also put up a buy-it-now offer for ficlets of 100-1,000 words. First ten commenters get ficlets.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and my best wishes to anyone affected by Hurricane Sandy.