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At last... at long last... I finally have it. The perfect title.

I had always vaguely planned on aping the format used by the author of the original novels (though I warn you all, that this follows the anime version of 12K for obvious reasons) where the different "books" (or segments in the anime) had different titles connected together. I knew I was going to call the second book "The Dragon Throne" but try as I might I could not come up with the perfect title for the first book, ergo, even though its pretty much ready for posting, I never got it posted because I needed something to call it and because of my perfectionist nature it couldn't be just any old something, I had to make it cool and resonant. And fitting. I'm babbling, can you tell I'm excited? So, this monster is...

The Path of Sorrows, The Dragon Throne.

Book one is the Path of Sorrows and book two is the Dragon Throne. Look forward to it please!
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