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(crossposted from tumblr)

I’ve been at a children’s writers and illustrators conference for the past two days, and I had the chance to attend some fantastic panels. At one of them, a representative from an established US publisher mentioned being open to hearing about children’s lit in translation. I’m not a translator and I don’t read Japanese, but I figured why not mention the Twelve Kingdoms to her?

She gave me her card and asked me to send her some links, and she mentioned sending it on to a friend if she couldn’t do something with it. I have no idea how the publishing rights would work, since Tokyopop is no more, but hopefully this might see some interest in the books. Nothing might come of it, but maybe something might?

So my question is, does anyone have any links they think might be good to include in an email pitching the Twelve Kingdoms? Or stuff that they wouldn’t include? Thoughts or reservations? I’m aiming to email her next week so it doesn’t look like I’m bugging/stalking her.
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