Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote in juuni_kokki,
Damien Sullivan

Youko or Yoko?

I've gotten into an edit dispute over her name, and wanted confirmation of my position. I think it's Youko and Tokyopop's Yoko was nuts. I thought that mostly because of the majority of transliterations, like the DVD and Eugene Woodbury. Today I thought to look up the characters on JDIC, and that gave You as an onyomi but Yo as a possible nanori (name-reading.) Then it hit me that what really matters is how it's *pronounced*, by actual Japanese people... I think they give it the long o, especially Rakushun in Ep 9 or Keiki in Ep 2, but I'm not that trained or experienced in Japanese (like, not at all) so can't be sure.
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