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New Japanese editions of the Twelve Kingdoms novels

It looks like new editions of the novels are being published in Japan. Or at least The Demonic Child and Shadow of the Moon, the Sea of Shadow. Maybe someone more fluent in Japanese could check it out?

Here's the publisher's site:

The new novels appear to have some new illustrations (See here for example:
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Juuni Kokki BGM used in Amazing Race Australia

Just finished watching the final episode of The Amazing Race Australia (season 2), and noticed they played a short piece out of track 12 from the OST, Souen-Shinjitsu no saya.
Team members were still in China and heading for the final task, before heading back to Australia.
Very surprising to catch is, though from memory, most of the music was performed by the Beijing Symphony Orcastra.

Get on with it!

The Path of Sorrows, The Dragon Throne: Chapter 3

Author: Nightheart

Rating: PG-15

Characters: Taiki/Kaname Takasoto, Yuka Sugimoto, Gyousou Saku.

Summary:Seeking to forget makes exile all the longer, the secret to redemption lies in remembrance. For Yuka and Taiki the way forward lies in going back, and only the path of sorrows will lead them to a new hope.

Spoilers to the end of the anime. Anime-verse Twelve Kingdoms.
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I’ve been at a children’s writers and illustrators conference for the past two days, and I had the chance to attend some fantastic panels. At one of them, a representative from an established US publisher mentioned being open to hearing about children’s lit in translation. I’m not a translator and I don’t read Japanese, but I figured why not mention the Twelve Kingdoms to her?

She gave me her card and asked me to send her some links, and she mentioned sending it on to a friend if she couldn’t do something with it. I have no idea how the publishing rights would work, since Tokyopop is no more, but hopefully this might see some interest in the books. Nothing might come of it, but maybe something might?

So my question is, does anyone have any links they think might be good to include in an email pitching the Twelve Kingdoms? Or stuff that they wouldn’t include? Thoughts or reservations? I’m aiming to email her next week so it doesn’t look like I’m bugging/stalking her.

drum-roll please....

Here it is! The first Chapter in The Path of Sorrows, The Dragon Throne. Grab a Snickers, we've a long road ahead of us.

Title: The Path of Sorrows, The Dragon Throne
Author: Nightheart
Characters: Yuka Sugimoto, Kaname Takasoto/Taiki, Gyousou Saku, et al.
Genre: Adventure, fantasy.
Spoilers: Animeverse, through the wretched cliffhanger ending of the series in which they never told us what happened next to Taiki.
Summary: Yuka Sugimoto thought her adventures in the other world were over once Keiki had brought her home. The discovery of Taiki and his situation and the subsequent friendship that developed makes it clear that neither of their stories is over yet. After all, Yuka has never been a passive sort. Together they might just find what they're looking for... they might just find redemption.

Authors Note: Huge shout-out to K. R. for the beta!
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At last... at long last... I finally have it. The perfect title.

I had always vaguely planned on aping the format used by the author of the original novels (though I warn you all, that this follows the anime version of 12K for obvious reasons) where the different "books" (or segments in the anime) had different titles connected together. I knew I was going to call the second book "The Dragon Throne" but try as I might I could not come up with the perfect title for the first book, ergo, even though its pretty much ready for posting, I never got it posted because I needed something to call it and because of my perfectionist nature it couldn't be just any old something, I had to make it cool and resonant. And fitting. I'm babbling, can you tell I'm excited? So, this monster is...

The Path of Sorrows, The Dragon Throne.

Book one is the Path of Sorrows and book two is the Dragon Throne. Look forward to it please!
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12K fic: True is His Name | Taiki & Risai | PG-13

Title: True is His Name
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Book canon - set directly after "The Shore at Twilight, The Sky at Daybreak".
Wordcount: ~1.2k
Genre: Angst, gen.
Characters/pairings: Taiki (Takasato Kaname), Risai, Gyousou.
Contents/warnings/kinks: Violence.
Beta'd by: elfwreck
A/N: Written for pengiesama as part of Yuletide Madness.
Disclaimer: 12K and its characters do not belong to me.

Summary: Taiki and Risai search for Gyousou.

When we reach Tai, you shouldn't call me Taiki.